Este titlul proiectului Etwinning initiat de Turcia, iar noi am fost agreati pentru a participa. Timp de sase luni (Octombrie 2018- Martie 2019), elevii clasei a 11 a C au desfasurat activitati in cadrul acestui proiect, conform tematicii prezentate. Experienta noastra a fost una foarte interesanta, solicitanta dar foarte placuta. Elevii au invatat sa lucreze cu diferite programe utilitare (emaze, padlet, prezi ) si au dobandit noi competente TIC pe care le-au fructificat in cadrul activitatilor din proiect.

Month Activities
OCTOBER Introducing the project; Creating Facebook, whatsapp groupsTeachers create their personal PadletsTeachers introduce themselves and the schoolsInforming school administration and other teachersInforming the parents and getting their permissionsRegistering students to TwinSpaceStudents introduce themselves on PadletStudents create logos and posters for the project and vote for the best onePreparing boards for the projectMeeting with partner teachers through webinarProfessinal development through eTwinning websiteOptinal activities; bookmarkers, posters etc.( We are doing some activities according to our calender announced by Ministry of National Education. You may do so according to yours each month.) Tools for Introducing ; Voki, Thinglink, Pictramap, Zeemap, Joomag etc. Logo and poster ; Logomaker, Poster My Wall, Canva, Tagul, Wordart, Adobe Illustrator, Indesign etc.  
NOVEMBER   EMPATHY ‘’Empathy Box’’Padlet work for “Empathetic of the Month”Preparing a video for ‘’Teachers Day’’Determining penfriends through webinar,Optinal Activities; empathy hat, short films, drama, visiting eventide homes, hospitals etc., preparing Empathy boardMonthly evaluation webinarProfessional development for teachers through online courses.
DECEMBER LOVE OF NATURE AND ANIMALS ‘’GIVE THEM WARMTH’’ activity to provide street animals shelter and food. ( we may adjust the name according to suggestions)Optinal Activities; cleaning the school garden, collecting dump batteries campaign, protecting the trees in need, giving voice to animals through Voki, new year cards, monthly board in classroomMonthly evaluation webinarProfessional development for teachers through online courses
JANUARY INTEREST IN ART AND PRODUCTIVITY   ‘’Learning the art and artists’’ by preparing presentations through Emaze, Prei etc.Using Kahoot to test acquired information with partner studentsStudents share their presentations in TwinSpace and join the forum for discussionsOptinal Activities; introducing the departments in vacational high schools, performing drama, seeing events, visiting craft workshops, origami, paint with plants, monthly boardDetermining an activity for next month through Menti.comSending varios items related to your own region to other partners for end of project exhibition (food, postcard, magnet, photos etc)Monthly evaluation webinarProfessional development for teachers through online courses
FEBRUARY PATRIOTISM   ’Let’s Introduce our Region’’  short videos from hometownsPutting together prepared videos at the end of the activitySerbest Etkinlikler; interview with relatives of martyrs or veterans, singing folk songs related to topic, monthly boardMonthly evaluation webinarProfessional development for teachers through online courses
MARCH End of project exhibitionsurvey for teachers, students and other partnersPreparing E-book, e-newspaper, e-magazine, project report with the contribution from each partnerFinal webinarOptinal activities; certificate of achievement for studentsSpreading our work: School websites, local newspapers, Youtube channel,