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In-service training in Ljubljana

Teaching Entrepreneurship in Schools: Experiential Approach


In-service training in Ljubljana

4. 11. 2018 – 10. 11. 2018

The course Teaching Entrepreneurship in Schools: Experiential Approach is a course organised by Group Primera Ltd. 
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Venue: Hotel Park (Tabor 9)


Training Programme


Programme summary

Project based learning structure of the course allows participants to practice product development and business modelling in order to experience how to teach basic entrepreneurship concepts. The course follows experiential learning including case studies, field work, thinking tools, interactive games and moderated discussions. The participants will also receive a workbook with session’s summaries and descriptions of activities used along with teaching guidelines. We will recommend an interesting literature for further study. Key learning concepts include managing expectations of pupils about the entrepreneurship course, 5 € challenge, lean start-up, design thinking, prototyping, business modelling and planning.



The main objective of the course is to prepare the participants to professionally lead an entrepreneurship course in a high or vocational school. By the end of the course participants will have a substantial understanding of tools for facilitating entrepreneurial skills among their students. They will get teaching guidelines for teaching core entrepreneurial competencies, including business modelling, design thinking and business planning. The specificities of different forms of entrepreneurship will be emphasised (i.e. social, women, technology, local and eco entrepreneurship).


The course is designed as an interactive process with emphasis on establishing a mentor relationship between participants and trainers. It follows two-way communication process including discussions, interactive games, working in groups and pairs, presentations, case studies, thinking techniques and individual activities. The focus is on experiential learning and workshop approach. The participants will also receive a workbook with session’s summaries and descriptions of activities used. We will recommend them interesting literature for further study.



Your introduction – posters


One of the main goals of the course is to connect among each other. In order to achieve this goal we kindly ask you to prepare a brief poster about you and your work – you can use written material, photos, drawings and other creative methods. PPT presentations are needed. Have in mind that you will have 5 – 10 minutes for the oral presentation.


We will prepare a gallery from all the posters and the gallery will be in the classroom for the whole week. Here are some guidelines that might help you:

Tell us about you

Tell us about your organisation      Tell us about your work

Mention some interesting projects you work on


During the first day share with us your goals and objectives regarding this course.


Tine Nagy earned his doctoral degree in business administration at Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. Part of the studies he completed at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and in 2012 he defended his PhD thesis on User Driven Innovation. As a part of Entrepreneurship Department at Faculty of Management Koper he worked on different research projects (innovation in SMEs, design thinking, researchers’ patent activity, entrepreneurship, sustainable development), where he authored or co-authored various scientific papers. He has carried out several workshops in the field of Design Thinking, Canvas Business Modeling and Entrepreneurship. He is also a visiting professor at different institutions and active in Creative Industries too. His main professional interest is designing innovation process and making changes in SMEs.





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